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Spring 2015 Neighborhood Opportunity Grant Awards

​Congratulations to our Spring 2015 Neighborhood Opportunity Grant recipients, Musketeers Civic Group and Palestine Neighborhood Development Corporation (PNDC)!

The Musketeers Civic Group was awarded a grant for their Youth Entrepreneurial & Character Development Program, a multi-faceted lawn-care program that improves the neighborhood appearance, promotes physical activity, and instructs and mentors youth in operating a small business.

The second grant award was given to the Palestine Neighborhood Development Corporation (PNDC) to develop and implement their Coordinated Engagement Partnership Program. In conjunction with program partners MU-Extension and the UMKC Institute for Human Development, the program will train and provide ongoing mentoring support to a Community Coordinator from the neighborhood that facilitates capacity development of PNDC leadership, staff and volunteers, other community-based organizations, and residents.

Both organizations will run their one-month crowdfunding campaigns to raise a portion of their grant award in July, 2015.


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