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Spring 2014 Tier 2 Grantees

Five organizations were chosen as a Tier 2 grant recipients for the Spring 2014 round. These projects vary in scope and focus but all will have a large impact on their neighborhood and residents. These projects stood out for their ability to increase neighborhood capacity so residents will be more engaged and better equipped to identify and achieve goals for their neighborhood.

  Our Tier 2 grantees (for projects $5,000-20,000) have the opportunity to crowdfund* to match funds from CCF and raise additional capital for their project. Visit the CCF partner page to learn more and directly support these projects.

  2 or More - Vine Street Gardens at the Kansas City Workhouse / ($12,500)

  2 or More will lead the effort to preserve and restore the historical Kansas City Workhouse at 20th and Vine into a multi-functional pocket park that will serve the community in multiple ways. In addition to a historical learning exhibit, the pocket park will boast community and botanical gardens with trees, flowers, fruits, and vegetables, along with an educational walking path. The restored Workhouse will double as an event space, proceeds of which will go back to similar local redevelopment efforts. Once finished, the site will be called The Vine Street Gardens at the Kansas City Workhouse. CCF funding will support the outdoor space only. Read the May 2014 article in the Kansas City Star about the restoration of the Workhouse.


  Blue Hills Community Services - Immanuel Manor Mini-Park/Communal Garden ($20,000)

  The Immanuel Manor Community Mini-Park will engage the 50 physically and mentally disabled residents of Immanuel Manor Apartments and the residents of the Manheim Park neighborhood in creating and maintaining a mini-park. This park will deter crime and increase interconnectivity in the surrounding community. At the completion of this project, the Immanuel Manor grounds will offer a new shelter and seating areas, vegetable and flower gardens, and new landscaping features that enhance the aesthetics and safety for the neighborhood.


  Town Fork Creek Neighborhood Association – Continuing the Town Fork Creek ROLL ($5,603)

  This is a continuation of the Town Fork Creek ROLL project previously funded in the Spring 2013 grant round. TFC ROLL (Restoration & Outreach through Learning & Leadership) is restoring and transforming the Town Fork Creek neighborhood by reaching out their 6,000 neighbors and passing the torch to a younger generation. The organizer hired by the neighborhood association will continue to raise the profile of the neighborhood and make sure its needs are addressed, whether they be enforcing codes, reducing crime and poverty, or improving educational opportunities.


  Ivanhoe Neighborhood Council - Hope, Heritage, and History through the Arts Project ($5,000)

  The Hope, Heritage, and History through the Arts Project will provide learning and training opportunities that foster an appreciation of African American history and culture through the arts to socially, philosophically, and culturally address issues that have been created due to a history of disinvesment. The Project will foster a connection between history, the present, and the future by providing monthly learning opportunities and skill-building training workshops that will help the community explore and interpret African American history through the visual and performing arts.

  *Crowdfunding is raising many small amounts of money from a large number of people, typically via the Internet.

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