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Spring 2014 Tier 1 Grant Recipients

This spring the Community Capital Fund’s board members approved Tier 1 grant awards to four organizations proposing innovative projects or programs. These organizations stand out as real leaders that will help build neighborhood capacity in the historically under-invested and under-resourced communities in Kansas City.


  Westside Housing Organization - Westside Urban Agriculture Impact Project

  Westside Housing will build eight raised garden beds at the Jefferson Place apartment complex serving low income families both in the complex and in neighboring blocks. A resident-led garden has been established and the residents seek to expand it by installing raised beds, a strawberry tower, and a bench using volunteer labor. Volunteer labor will be used to construct these items and an in-kind donation for tilling, compost, hay bales, and seeds comes from the Kansas City Community Gardens.


  Jerusalem Farm - Jerusalem Farm Home Repair

  This home repair program is focused on low-income persons using volunteer labor and no interest loans for materials, to be paid back at a monthly amounts designated by the homeowner. Recent research by the United Way of Greater KC and Greater
Kansas City LISC show that unmet home repair needs are of high concern to residents in the Northeast. Interested residents will apply with Jerusalem Farm for the home repair and loan program.


  Neighbors Helping Neighbors / Jolet Home - Manheim Spring Community Days 2014

  Neighbors Helping Neighbors will use funds from CCF to organize a series of Community Days of monthly neighborhood cleanups from April to October and potlucks to beautify the neighborhood and bring neighbors together to socialize and work together. Fresh produce from the garden will be distributed throughout the neighborhood by resident volunteers. Read the May 2014 article in the Midtown Post about their project.


  South Roundtop Neighborhood Association - Transforming and Revitalization Project


  In an effort to transform and stabilize their neighborhood, the South Roundtop Neighborhood Association will involve residents in three neighborhood cleanup events and the cleaning of three problem vacant lots. The cleanups not just create a safer and more beautiful neighborhood; they also bring residents together to be more engaged and active in their neighborhood.


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