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Spring 2013 Tier 2 Grantees

We recently announced the recipients of our Spring 2013 Neighborhood Opportunity Grant. The Tier 2 Grant is a unique opportunity for awardees to participate in a crowdfunding campaign as part of their grant award through a partnership with indiegogo, the largest crowdfunding platform in the world. This Spring, three organizations were awarded a Tier 2 Grant to support their individual neighborhood capacity building programs/projects: - Historic Manheim Park Neighborhood Association – Asset Mapping Project - Town Fork Creek Neighborhood Association – Outreach/Capacity Building Program - The US Green Building Council Central Plains Chapter – Benton Community Garden The three Tier 2 grant recipients were each approved for $20,000, which includes their 10% crowdfunding goal, matching funds and a 5% bonus for meeting their crowdfunding goal. Grant recipient crowdfunding campaigns will take place this summer.

Click here to view the complete portfolio of 2012-2013 Tier 2 grant recipients.


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