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June 2016 Newsletter

1. CCF Is Now Hiring AmeriCorps VISTA for 2016-2017 
2. Save the Date for the 1st Neighborhood Showcase Event!
3. Call for Neighborhood Posters for Neighborhood Showcase 
4. Add Your Civic Project to CommunityKC (the Map of Good Things)!
5. Welcome Silas, CCF’s First AmeriCorps VISTA!
6. CCF Partners with ioby Crowdfunding Platform
7. WIBO Program Recruiting Small Business Owners and Entrepreneurs
8. Community Resource: KCMO Home Repair Programs

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1. CCF Is Now Hiring AmeriCorps VISTA for 2016-2017  

CCF is currently seeking applicants for an Innovation + Outreach Coordinator position. This is a 1-year AmeriCorps VISTA position that will help CCF and AltCap (our sister organization) improve and identify metrics and strategies to measure the effectiveness of our work and that of our grantees. The AmeriCorps VISTA term is beginning in August 2016 and ending in July 2017. For more information and to view the complete job description visit our website here. Interested candidates must complete the online application through AmeriCorps by July 5th

2. Save the Date for the 1st Neighborhood Showcase Event!

This year we are partnering with Livable Neighborhoods (in KCK) to host our first ever Neighborhoods Showcase on Thursday, October 6, from 5:30-8:00pm at the Kauffman Foundation Conference Center. We’ve heard repeatedly from attendees of our annual Community Development Workshop that they want more time to talk to meet, talk, and network so we’re creating the Neighborhoods Showcase to do just that!

Different from our Community Development Workshop, which has keynote speakers, trainings, and panels, the Showcase will focus chiefly on networking and information sharing between neighborhood associations from both Kansas City, Missouri and Kansas through guided group discussions. Participants will use the World Café method to discuss key issues and share what’s worked, what hasn’t worked, resources, and opportunities.  

Neighborhood associations are also encouraged to develop a poster and bring objects that highlight and describe their community and the work they’re doing. Neighborhoods will send us key information and CCF and Livable Neighborhoods will design and print the poster. To find out more information, view the next article in this newsletter.

The Showcase will be a fun event where participants will learn from others and talk frankly with no right or wrong answers. This event will be a safe space to share experiences and discuss successes, failures, and new ideas.

Registration is required and free, though donations are welcome to cover the cost of food and materials. Appetizers will be served, and coffee will be on hand!

3. Call for Posters for Neighborhood Showcase

If your neighborhood is interested in attending the Neighborhood Showcase on October 6th (see the article #2 above) we encourage you to also make a poster to highlight your community and work! The Showcase is all about meeting other neighborhood leaders and sharing information between neighborhoods – in both Kansas and Missouri – and having a poster is one more way to do this.
Not a designer? Don’t have time to put together a poster?  No problem! We can create one for you and will even print it. All you have to do is send us some key information by September 1st. 

Send us the information below and we’ll design and print your poster.

  • Organization logo (if one exists)
  • Neighborhood boundaries
  • What makes your neighborhood unique and great
  • Accomplishments in last 5 years (these can be large or small and can include things like an increase in the number or diversity in leadership, specific projects completed or in progress, changes in behavior or attitudes in your neighborhood, updated bylaws, new partnerships and connections, etc.)
  • Current projects
  • Volunteer opportunities and ways to be involved
  • Wish list / areas of need (this can include items or skills needed for a project)
  • Contact information
  • PICTURES! Digital pictures are preferred. You can scan pictures for free at your nearby library. You can also mail or bring them by the CCF office.

New or established, large or small, we want a poster from your group! Every neighborhood is unique in its landmarks, people, and accomplishments. We want to highlight yours!

For neighborhoods in Missouri, please send all information to CCF at Neighborhoods in Kansas may send their poster information to LaMonica Upton with Livable Neighborhoods at


4. Add Your Civic Project to CommunityKC (the Map of Good Things)!

"How do I find out what’s going in the community?"

"Is anyone else working on this issue?"

"Has anyone worked on a project like this before?"
If you’ve asked these or similar questions then you need to know about CommunityKC. CommunityKC is an online community project mapping tool designed to connect people, projects, and resources in Kansas City, Missouri and Kansas. 

With almost 140 projects listed so far, CommunityKC helps organizations:

  • Connect with each other
  • Identify potential partners
  • Become informed of local projects and initiatives
  • Avoid duplication of efforts
  • Network and share information
  • Promote the good things occurring in Kansas City

Developed by CCF and Code for KC, CommunityKC locates and displays information about a variety of community projects that are led by - or are done in conjunction with - neighborhood organizations.

If your organization has a project or program that builds neighborhood capacity and creates a stronger community, then we invite you to add it to CommunityKC! It’s easy to add a project – just fill out the online form here (you will prompted to first create a login).

If you’d like us to present CommunityKC to your group, let us know! Email us at or call 816-502-9584.


5. Welcome Silas, CCF’s First AmeriCorps VISTA!

In February, CCF welcomed our first AmeriCorps VISTA member, Silas Covert-Keefe. Hailing from Portland, Oregon, Silas has first-hand experience with neighborhood associations and community building, having served as Vice-Chair with the Powellhurst-Gilbert Neighborhood association (4 years), and also as the Treasurer for the East Portland Neighbors Coalition (2 years), one of the most dense and diverse areas in Portland. Silas has a degree in Community Development from Portland State University.
As part of his 1-year of service, Silas will help manage CCF’s first Neighborhood Showcase, tours of grant recipient projects, CommunityKC, and KC NeighborhoodStat – a website and map that will allow user to view civic data over time and at the neighborhood level. You’re likely to see him at a neighborhood or Council District meeting so be sure to say hi! 


6. CCF Partners with ioby Crowdfunding Platform

CCF is unique in that we require our Neighborhood Opportunity Grant recipients (grants $5,000-$20,000) to raise 10% of their grant award through crowdfunding. CCF recently partnered with ioby, a crowdfunding platform focused exclusively on civic and neighborhood projects, to host our grantees’ campaigns. ioby – short for “in our backyard” (the antithesis to NIMBY, or “not in my backyard”) – provides training and individual support to our grant recipients to help them successfully raise funds, friends, and volunteers.

Since our first grant round in 2012, our 24 grant recipients have raised over $21,000 through crowdfunding above what they would have received with a grant alone.


7. WIBO Program Recruiting Small Business Owners and Entrepreneurs

AltCap (CCF’s sister organization) is now recruiting for the next cohort of Workshop in Business Opportunities (WIBO), a 16-week workshop for existing or soon-to-be small business owners. Started in Harlem, New York in 1966, WIBO is an intensive and comprehensive training workshop designed to support the startup and growth of entrepreneurs from low-income and underserved communities.

The next WIBO session will run August 17 through December 7.

What is WIBO?

WIBO is a 16-Week workshop for people who are currently running a business or who plan to open a specific business within one year. This workshop is comprehensive and rigorous, combining an extensive curriculum, the expertise of business owners and subject experts, as well as peer learning opportunities, to offer participants a truly unique experience. 

The workshop is designed to guide entrepreneurs through every phase of starting and running a business successfully, profitably, and pleasurably. WIBO places a strong emphasis on Marketing and Breakeven Analysis. 

What makes WIBO different?

There are no tests and no grades. There is nothing to memorize. There are no right or wrong opinions or ideas at WIBO. The entrepreneurs attending the workshops are exposed to the opinions of others in the cohort and are motivated to make informed decisions for their own businesses. Every aspect of the workshop (workgroups, case studies, opinion sheets, planning sheets, and method of instruction) is designed to promote critical thinking.

WIBO is not an academic class, it is a facilitated workshop so peers learn from each other and from experienced volunteer business professionals.

Other similar programs are half-day, one-day, 4 weeks or 10 weeks. The WIBO 16-Week Workshop allows participants to dive deep into all the relevant topics for building a growing profitable business with enough time to do homework and research.

WIBO is interactive and engaging. Participants learn from each other and the volunteer Discussion Leaders who are small business owners and subject ‘experts.’ Over the four months participants struggle together, grow together, and support one another as a cohort.

Important dates to remember:

-July 1: Networking event with WIBO Alumni and Discussion Leaders

-August 5th: Deadline to turn in WIBO application

-August 17: Start of Fall Cohort, 6-9 PM every Wednesday

-December 7: Last class of Fall Cohort 2016

Since 1966, The WIBO 16-Week Workshop has been instrumental in the support and development of nearly 20,000 entrepreneurs and the creation of 35,000 jobs. More impressively, over 54% of WIBO graduates are still in business after five years, well above the national average of just 20%. Through WIBO, graduates learned the skills and gained the confidence to start and operate their own business in an interactive and supportive class environment.

To apply, visit the WIBO website at For more information, please email or call Davin Gordon, AltCap Program Coordinator, at or 816-216-1851 ext. 5.


8. Community Resource: KCMO Home Repair Programs

The City of Kansas City, Missouri is offering several programs available at no cost to low- and moderate-income households for home repair and paint. These programs can help homeowners with repairs such as roof replacement, plumbing, electrical, barrier removal, and other health and safety improvements. Applicants must be owner-occupants, own only one single-family property, have not received assistance from this program within the past five years, and meet the household income guidelines established by the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development.
For more information go to and click on the “Home Repair” tab. Applications may also be requested at the Neighborhoods and Housing Services Department, Housing Section, on the 4th floor of City Hall, 414 E. 12th Street, or by calling 816-513-3025.


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