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Spring 2013 Tier 1 Grantees

This Spring the Community Capital Fund board members approved Tier 1 grant awards to five outstanding organizations. Out of the nineteen organizations that applied, these five stood out as real leaders, building neighborhood capacity in the historically under-invested, under resourced communities in Kansas City.

The Free Network Foundation

The Free Network Foundation envisions communications infrastructure that is owned and operated cooperatively rather than by corporations or states. They have been awarded a Neighborhood Opportunity Tier 1 grant for their “Troost Corner Connected” Project. This initiative will provide internet access at the intersection of 31st Street and Troost Avenue that will be widely available to the nonprofits and apartment buildings nearby as well as the bus stop for the general public. 

Pendleton Heights Neighborhood Association

“Growing a Green Space” is a project administered by the Pendleton Heights Neighborhood Association. This beautification project at the corner of Brooklyn Ave. and Lexington Ave. will include lighting, hopscotch, potted flowers, a chess table, and a bench for all neighborhood residents to enjoy. The Community Capital Fund was happy to support this project with a Tier 1 grant. 

Paseo West Neighborhood Association 

In order to address neighborhood litter and the perception of crime, the Paseo West Neighborhood Association is coordinating a cleanup event with 100 volunteers to collect trash, cut weeds, and clean graffiti. The Community Capital Fund’s Tier 1 Grant will provide funding for this June event.The neighborhood cleanup is in the context of a wider Needs Assessment Study and Implementation Plan for the area. 

Jerusalem Farm

Jerusalem Farm serves low income residents of the Historic Northeast. Their aim is to foster community, working with homeowners and encouraging interaction between service retreat volunteers, full time volunteers, and homeowners. The Community Capital Fund’s Tier 1 Grant will support their service work by enabling them to transport home repair supplies and volunteers to worksites, haul away construction waste, and move manure or compost for their gardens.

Chouteau Estates Neighborhood Association 

The Chouteau Estates Neighborhood Association seeks to create a close knit informal environment in their neighborhood. Their Neighborhood Directory Project will directly benefit the area’s crime watch, emergency preparedness, and continue to create a more cohesive neighborhood association. The Tier 1 Neighborhood Opportunity Grant will support this new neighborhood association’s efforts to organize and build capacity through its neighborhood directory. 


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