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Three organizations were chosen as a Tier 2 grant recipients for the Fall 2014 round. These projects vary in scope and focus but all will have a large impact on their neighborhood and residents. These projects stood out for their ability to increase neighborhood capacity so residents will be more engaged and better equipped to identify and achieve goals for their neighborhood.

Our Tier 2 grantees (for projects $5,000-20,000) have the opportunity to crowdfund* to match funds from CCF and raise additional capital for their project. Visit the CCF partner page to learn more and directly support these projects.




  View previous Tier 2 crowdfunding campaigns on our page and our previous Indiegogo page.


*Crowdfunding is raising many small amounts of money from a large number of people, typically via the Internet.




  Westside Housing Organization - Nottingham Gardens Urban Farm Express Expansion Project


  The Nottingham Garden project will turn a vacant and trash-laden parcel of land adjacent to the Nottingham Apartments into a productive, beautiful, and educational garden that includes a Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) distribution project. The CSA garden will be run by volunteers living at the apartments and will include an educational kitchen and demonstration space to be used for classes, meetings, and small events. Neighborhood volunteers will provide labor and conduct educational trainings. Income generated from the garden plots and the CSA will go back into the garden for expansion, maintenance, training, and education.


Kansas City Keys - Nile Valley Aquaponics


  Kansas City Keys and Males to Men will build a community-based commercial aquaponic system inside a commercial greenhouse to grow high quality food, provide education classes, provide job training opportunities, create local green jobs, and bring people together through a community fish fry with food produced on-site. The project will train youth ages 5-17 who will train others to duplicate or build smaller aquaponic systems. The project
will be located in the Key Coalition neighborhood, a food desert and will ultimately use only renewable energy sources.


Center for Conflict Resolution - Safe and Connected Communities




  The ‘Safe and Connected Communities’ project will partner with up to six other organizations in the CCF service area to bring restorative justice and conflict resolution workshops to up to 150 residents. The project will train participants in forming and facilitating small groups that will continue the work after the initial training. A final luncheon event in October 2015 will bring together participants from all groups for a ceremony to celebrate and share their successes.


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