Community Capital Fund



The Community Capital Fund’s board members approved Tier 1 grant awards to three organizations proposing innovative projects or programs. These organizations stand out as real leaders that will help build neighborhood capacity in the historically under-invested and under-resourced communities in Kansas City.



Indian Mound Neighborhood Association - Garden Security Fencing     


The Indian Mound Neighborhood Association will build a security
fence around the Indian Mound community garden to provide a safer and a more
secure gathering place and enable members to work alone in the garden on their own
schedules. The fencing will prevent and discourage cut-through traffic from a
nearby liquor store, loitering, drinking on the garden property, and theft of
vegetables and perennial plants.





Boston Heights and Mount Hope Neighborhood Association - Neighborhood Beautification


The neighborhood beautification project will transform the
vacant lot at 3000 Flora Avenue into a park with a native wildflower garden.
The project will include the removal of old cement stairs and broken sidewalk
pieces, the planting of a wild flower garden by residents and association
members, and the installation of a sitting bench. A partnership with Metro
Lutheran Ministry will provide 113 fruit trees, 18 raised garden beds, green
patch, and blackberry brushes.


Chouteau Neighborhood Estates - Neighborhood Identity Banners        




The Chouteau Neighborhood Estates will install seven neighborhood
identity banners - one at each entrance into the neighborhood. These banners
will increase the sense of neighborhood identity and character and will provide
a connection to other nearby road and infrastructure improvements.


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