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Fall 2013 Tier 2 Grantees

We recently announced the recipients of our Fall 2013 Neighborhood Opportunity Grant. The Tier 2 Grant is a unique opportunity for awardees to participate in a crowdfunding campaign as part of their grant award through a partnership with, the renowned civic crowdfunding platform. This fall, three organizations were awarded a Tier 2 Grant to support their individual neighborhood capacity building programs/projects:

  - Scarritt Renaissance Neighborhood Association – Nature-Inspired Playground
With the help of the Community Capital Fund, the Scarritt Renaissance Neighborhood Association is creating a nature-inspired playground that speaks to the natural setting of Kessler Park and is respectful to the Historic Northeast neighborhood. This playground will serve as the area’s only public playground and will also be a resource to the many people that visit the nearby Kansas City Museum and Scenic Byway Cliff Drive. This playground supports and reflects the family-friendly redevelopment occurring in the area and will include an embankment slide, swings, and landscaping features. Adjacent to the new playground are currently underutilized and neglected sports courts that will be consolidated and rebuilt.

  - Reconciliation Services – Digital Reconciliation Project
Through its Troost Village Digital Reconciliation Project, Reconciliation Services (RS) will train and deploy Trained Neighbors Teaching (TNTs) to increase digital life skills, internet and computer access, and improve residents’ ability to use these skills and resources to connect to jobs, education, and healthcare and obtain necessary government-issued identification documents. The RS Internet Café at 31st and Troost will eventually be run by the TNTs as a community hub for the digital skills project and overall improved access to vital resources.

  - Historic Northeast – Take Charge II Project
The Take Charge II project is a continuation of the Community Capital Fund-supported Take Charge I project that created a strategic plan for the Northeast Kansas City Chamber of Commerce and its Historic Northeast community development organization. Take Charge II takes the next crucial steps in the rejuvenation of the area by developing a civic leadership program and preparing for the management of the new Independence Avenue Community Improvement District (CID).

  The three Tier 2 grant recipients were each approved for $20,000, which includes their 10% (or $2,000) crowdfunding goal. Grant recipient crowdfunding campaigns took place in spring 2014. See their crowdfunding campaigns on our page.


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