Community Capital Fund


Fall 2013 Tier 1 Grantees

This Fall the Community Capital Fund board members approved Tier 1 grant awards to three organizations proposing innovative projects or programs. These organizations stand out as real leaders that will help build neighborhood capacity in the historically under-invested and under-resourced communities in Kansas City.

49/63 Neighborhood Coalition

The 49/63 Neighborhood Coalition will assist in building capacity and reactivating their member neighborhood organizations in Troostwood and Troost Plateau. With the support of other active neighborhood associations, Troostwood and Troost Plateau will coordinate a dumpster day, a neighborhood cleanup day, the Night Out Against Crime in August, and the Police Appreciation Picnic for Metro Patrol. Committees will be formed for each of the activities as the vehicle for capacity building and reactivating the two neighborhood groups.

Kansas City Community Gardens

Kansas City Community Gardens will construct a shade shelter at the Ivanhoe-Richardson Community Garden at the closed Richardson Elementary School at 3514 Park. With over 40 raised beds and plots, this garden is almost fully rented each year. The shade structure will provide a gathering space for gardeners to rest and socialize, creating stronger relationships in the community. It will also be a venue for community events and garden workshops.

The Musketeers Civic Group

The Musketeers Civic Group is creating a new Student Entrepreneurial and Character Development Program that will employ enrolled youth in mowing the lawns of senior homeowners or those physically unable to do this work themselves. This program will not only support homeowners in maintaining the appearance of their yard and the neighborhood, but will also provide an opportunity for youth to earn income, learn small business management skills, be physically active, and build positive inter-generational relationships in their communities.


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