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CommunityKC: Connecting People, Projects, and Resources

CommunityKC is a new online community project mapping tool created to connect people, projects, and resources. In short, it’s a map of the good things happening in Kansas City! Developed by the Community Capital Fund and volunteers from the American Institute of Architects (AIA) of Kansas City and the Kansas City Code for America Brigade this map is a resource for any organization working in community and neighborhood revitalization.

CommunityKC was recently launched at the 2015 Community Development Workshop where participants provided information about their community projects and were able to see their information displayed on the map in real-time.  Participants immediately saw the value in utilizing CommunityKC for their work and said:

  • “The mapping project is amazing! Our neighborhood organization will be able to leverage others’ knowledge on how to accomplish projects.”
  • “We are doing hundreds of projects in KC metro and this tool makes it easy to present all that"
  • CommunityKC will “help us spread the word about our programming and events.”
  • Community KC will “help with seeing where the momentum is in Kansas City.”

You can read about the CommunityKC launch in the KC Digital Drive article here.

CommunityKC helps neighborhoods and organizations connect with each other, identify potential partners, become informed of local projects and initiatives, avoid duplication of efforts, network, and promote the good things occurring in Kansas City. CommunityKC locates and displays information about a variety of community projects that are led by neighborhood organizations or are done in conjunction with a neighborhood organization.

Online project forms to submit your project information electronically will be available in early March. The development team will continue to make updates and expand features of the map to provide even more of a service and benefit to our community. We will keep you posted with updates in future newsletters and on our Facebook page!


For more information contact Amanda Wilson at 816-502-9584 or or Ashley Sadowski at

CommunityKC: Connecting People, Projects, and Resources


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