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2014 Community Development Workshop


The Community Capital Fund’s Annual Community Development Workshop was held on January 30th, 2014 at the Kauffman Conference Center and brought together neighborhood associations, nonprofits, public agencies, residents, and other stakeholders that live and work in historically under-invested and under-resourced communities in Kansas City, Missouri in order to network with people doing similar work, share insights on how to best address issues and opportunities in the area, and connect to critical resources. 

Thank you to everyone who came, our generous sponsors, the amazing volunteers, all of the great panelists and speakers, the folks at the information booths, and terrific table facilitators. This year the Community Capital Fund partnered with Communities Creating Opportunities (CCO) and Greater Kansas City Local Initiatives Support Corporation (LISC) to provide engaging workshop sessions on organizational capacity building, individual leadership skills, and pressing current issues such as safety, utilizing abandoned homes, engaging youth as civic leaders, and equitable development. The panel sessions were followed by a facilitated table networking session where participants gathered around a particular topic, heard about what is going on in the community, and connected with other people with knowledge about that topic. 

Other resources available at the workshop included a digital and computer skills training lab by Connecting for Good, a story recording booth by CCO, and several information booths on new initiatives and plans in Kansas City including OpenDataKC, NextRail KC, and BikeWalk KC. Click here to view the workshop program and agenda. The program includes panel session descriptions and speaker bios. Below you will find links to video recordings of the keynote, opening remarks, and panel sessions. 

Opening Remarks and Introduction (8-9 am)

  • Welcome and introductions by KCMO CDE, Community Capital Fund (CCF), Greater Kansas City Local Initiative Support Corporation (LISC), Communities Creating Opportunity( CCO), and Connecting for Good
  • CCF announcement - new crowdfunding partnership
  • CCF Neighborhood Opportunity Grant awards

Panel Sessions (9-10 am and 10-11 am)

  • Building Capacity through Meaningful Engagement and Leadership Development (9-10 am and 10-11 am)
    Damon Daniel - Regional Community Organizer, CCO

    Download material from this session: Handout 1 and Handout 2.
  • Achieving Maximum Impact: Building Organizational Capacity and Implementing Best Practices in Community Development (9-10 am)
    Carol Smith - Vice President of Community Impact, United Way of Greater Kansas City
    Tracy Foster - Vice President, Hall Family Foundation
    Marlene Nagel - Director of Community Development, Mid-America Regional Council
    Hillary Beuschel - Program Officer, H&R Block Foundation
    Terri Mueller - Deputy Director, Greater Kansas City LISC

  • Real Estate Development 101 (10-11 am)
    Allison Bergman - Senior Counsel, Hardwick Law Firm
    Troy Nash - Vice President, Zimmer Real Estate Services and Vice Chair, Missouri Housing Development Commission
    Stephen Samuels - Executive Director, Greater Kansas City LISC

    Click to view the video recording of this session.
  • Youth as Civic Leaders: A Two Way Conversation (10-11 am)
    Roosevelt Lyons - Senior Advisor, Office of Civic and Community Engagement of the Mayor, KCMO
    Yolanda Young - Youth & Family Outreach Specialist, Ivanhoe Neighborhood Council
    Ashley Hand - Chief Innovation Officer, Office of the Mayor, KCMO

    Click to view the video recording of this session.
  • Crime & Safety: Innovative, Successful Solutions and Initiatives (9-10 am)
    Annette Lantz - Executive Director, Community Mediation Center
    Captain Joe McHale - Captain and program manager for KC NoVa, KCPD
    Stan Henry - Manager of Community Outreach & CID Operations, MainCor and Main Street CID
    Jason Cooley - Community Interaction Officer, KCPD East Patrol
    Micah Kubic - Senior Program Officer, Greater Kansas City LISC

    Click to view the video recording of this session.
  • Abandoned Homes in our Neighborhoods: What You Can Do/What Should You Do? (10-11 am)
    Michael Patillo - Manager of Operations, KC Land Bank
    Mark Stalsworth - Director, Neighborhood Housing Services of Kansas City, Inc.
    Forestine Beasley - Commercial Broker, Greg Patterson & Associates
    Michael Duffy - Managing Attorney, Legal Aid of Western Missouri
    Becky Forrest - President, Town Fork Creek Neighborhood Association
    Vincent Gauthier - Director of Planning, BNIM Architecture + Planning

    Click to view the video recording of this session.
  • Equity in Economic Development: Creating Healthy, Vibrant Communities of Opportunity for All (9-10 am)
    Christina Hoxie - Associate Planner, BNIM Architecture + Planning
    Margaret May - Executive Director, Ivanhoe Neighborhood Council
    Andrew Bracker - Brownfields Coordinator, KCMO Planning & Development
    Jim Nichols - President, Dalmark Development, LLC 
    Jonathan Arnold - Principal at Arnold Imaging and the Arnold Development Group
    Ruben Alonso - Director, KCMO CDE

    Click to view the video recording of this session.

Facilitated Table Networking Topics (11 am-Noon)

Registrants chose from the following topics: 

  • Safety + Crime Prevention (continuation of Crime & Safety panel session)

  • Restorative Justice (continuation of Crime & Safety panel session)

  • Equitable Development (continuation of Equity in Economic Development panel session)

  • Youth Engagement + Leadership (continuation of Youth as Civic Leaders panel session)

  • Abandoned Homes in our Neighborhoods (continuation of panel session)

  • Funding Sources for Neighborhood Projects

  • Crowdfunding as an Alternative Source of Project Funding

  • Homebuyer Sources for Neighborhoods and Residents

  • Community Gardening and Urban Farming

  • Food Access at the Local Level

  • Starting a Home-Based Business

  • Neighborhood Asset Mapping + Asset-Based Community Development

  • Parks, Trails, and Natural Areas as an Amenity for Health and Recreation

  • Local Art and the KCMO Arts Convergence Report

  • Redeveloping Neighborhood Schools

  • Emergency Planning + Disaster Response at the Local Level

  • Social Entrepreneurship

  • Gentrification: Maintaining Community while Supporting Economic Development

Keynote Q&A (Noon-1 pm)

For the keynote, MIT researcher, national speaker, and expert on civic crowdfunding, Rodrigo Davies, shared the stage with the Greater Kansas City Community Foundation’s Denise St. Omer to talk about crowdfunding’s new role in community development. This interactive Q&A covered everything from the basics of running a crowdfunding campaign to the future of the crowdfunding movement and how it will affect both fundraising and philanthropy. 

Thank you to our sponsors!


Faire Consulting

Registration is closed, but you can view a list of attendees here. If you attended the workshop and did not get a chance to fill out a survey, we'd love to get your feedback through our online survey here. Have questions about the 2nd Annual Community Development Workshop? Contact the Community Capital Fund.

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